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Business planning and implementation

Whether you are embarking on a multi-year program of initiatives in support of your corporate strategy or launching a single strategic initiative, mobilising the organisation to deliver on the strategy is often the biggest challenge. Long delivery timeframes tend to foster complacency and early slippage is seldom recovered later in the project.

Our approach is to break the program down into components that deliver outputs progressively (quarter by quarter) so that business returns are also realised progressively and the organisation remains focused.

Once the plan is complete and execution begins, this modular approach will also allow the project work to be less remote from day-to-day work which in turn enables resources to be shared between business as usual and projects.

Example scenarios :

  • Developing a business plan for the development and launch of an e-commerce platform for the business.
  • Launching new products involving significant new operational capability (people, process, and technology).
"Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true."
Lester R. Bittel,
The Nine Master Keys of Management

"Donna successfully led a joint team, from two strong industry competitors, through a complex implementation planning process to shape a new organisation. The approach and rigour which was fostered in the joint team has paid dividends well beyond the initial implementation."
George Venardos, Client Sponsor

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