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"Manage Your Consultants Or..
They Will Manage You!"

An “insider” step-by-step guide from a top-end management consultant and a corporate boss to hiring, focusing and extracting sensational value from your consultants.


"Having worked as a management consultant and a finance industry executive, I found this e-book extracts the essence of best practice in consulting engagements. It's a concise, practical guide that any manager who deals with consultants should have on their bookshelf."

Carol Gilchrist, Investment Bank Executive

".... a good quick read. I think you have written a very useful "how to" book that most managers who interact with consultants should find a practical reference text. I will recommend it to others..."

Bruce Stump, Chief Operating Officer - Sparke Helmore Lawyers

From: Desne Doman and Donna Vaughan


Dear Friend,

Let's face it. In today's intensively competitive trading environment, staying ahead is making it essential that you shrewdly use management consultants. Selecting the right one and getting objective, focused and business smart advice from the proliferation of so called "consultants" badgering you, can leave you stumped.

Simply put, ensuring that your management consultant is a corporate gun rather than a corporate mercenary is getting harder than ever unless you know the secrets for easily, effectively, efficiently and affordably finding and managing high performance management consultants.


So What's The Secret?

It's simple once you realize the most important knowledge you need to know is... how most management consultants think.

Yes, it's true...if you know how management consultants are taught to think, you can initially apply their way of thinking to nail your key issues.

Why is this so crucial?

l it allows you to pinpoint the right consultants with relevant experience
l you solve the real problem, not the symptoms

But that's not all... you can tightly monitor and accelerate their progress using these same tools and ensure you get business boosting substance over meaningless bloated reports.

Sure, management consultants like to make it sound complicated, after all how else will they get paid, but you'll laugh when you realize it is so simple and that you may have inadvertently been doing (some of it at least) for years.

Here's the story..

We, Donna Vaughan and Desne Doman, created Doman Vaughan Consulting to unite the skills and experience of a senior line manager in a large corporate environment and those of a top-end consultant to large Australian and multi-national corporates.

Using our experience as a client and consultant, we quickly spotted that our clients could get more for their consulting dollar when they...

l rapidly got to the crux of their problem
l used simple techniques at project reviews to get ahead of the game not just to stay on track
l knew how to drive value from us

The interesting thing is, this is exactly what clients want to do, but do not know precisely how to do. So, initially we published our guide as a primer only for our clients but due to continuous word of mouth requests we have made this no sweat guide available to you as an ebook.

Here's What You Get Inside
"Corporate Mercenaries - Manage Your Consultants or..
They Will Manage you"

Digital Product - ebook Immediately available for download after purchase


A loaded, 86 page nugget that contains the step-by-step essentials for busy managers who need to drive their consulting dollar further. Here's a summary of just some of the acumen you'll discover inside...


Find Them And Sign Them On Your Terms...


Find the right high performance consultants and use them in the right place at the right time to add "on the mark" business value.  In a clear and easy to understand format, you will...

l Know when to use a large, boutique or independent firm because you know how they work and the quickest way to find the best
l Avoid the 7 deadly consultant usage mistakes that organisation's make all the time
l Have at your fingertips the critical elements of a Request for Proposal or brief
l Learn a consultant technique to pinpoint your problem and tightly scope your project so you avoid paying more.
l Do the 3 most important things before sending out your Request for Proposal or brief.


Get Who And What You Want...
At The Price You Want


We will show you how to get 500% more from consultants without paying a penny more than you have to. You'll save thousands when you...


l Learn the 5 most important things for a successful fee outcome
l Know the 10 questions you must ask your consultants before they start work on your project including the most neglected but most important question of all
l Instantly spot deceptive negotiation tactics
l Know never to admit to one of these 3 things unless you want to pay more (unbelievably clients do this all the time)
l Use 2 simple techniques to get what you agreed to pay for... and then some
l Always include the 3 "must have" contractual clauses that protect your interests


Smart Managers Get Powerful Results


Your reputation as a exacting executive who delivers Ivy League results during crunch time will be boosted by...


l Knowing how to avoid decision paralysis
l What consultants must give you at the start of every project
l How to keep them focused on your project and out of trouble
l Ensuring the building or your business capital by making sure knowledge is transferred to your staff
l Effective reviews – know the difference between meaningless updates and those that pinpoint the issues - and how to get them
l Avoiding impressive but empty end of engagement reports
l How to wrap up the consulting assignment whilst keeping momentum in the company
l Dealing with the unexpected - How to spot the signals and shut down early


Our 41 Years Of Experience Is Yours - Risk-Free

Okay, so now I bet your next question is, "What's all this going to cost me?".

Instead of thinking cost, you should consider investment, management consulting fees vary between $ 2000 and $ 6500 PER DAY. Instead of charging the usual $69.95 or $97 for management books, we are going to have a launch special. During this launch special your entire investment is only $AUD 37.95. or $US 29.00

Think about your return on investment here: If you simply negotiate a 10% better deal with your management consultant or save yourself just one day of consulting fees from all the nuggets contained in this step-by-step guide, you would already have paid for it many times over.

Plus you get our...

365 days 100% Unconditional
No Risk Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by the strongest, most ironclad guarantee you'll ever see in print. You get a 365 days, no questions asked, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee. Yes, one full year to try out "Corporate Mercenaries - Manage Your Consultants or They Will Manage you".

We want you to feel absolutely certain there’s no way you can "get taken." After all, we have a respected practice and our reputations are on the line.

So go ahead and order our 41 years worth of experience today. Read it, use it, and profit from it.


These Secrets Are Yours In Just Five Minutes

This book comes in an ebook (electronic) format. Once your payment has been approved, our system will email you this software file immediately, so you can start learning these insider secrets within five minutes.

One Click To Place Your Risk-Free Order

     Pay with Paymate Express

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$US 29.00

  Secure Australian Payment Engine $Aus 37.95

Note: You do not have to open accounts with these payment service providers to safely and securely use your credit card.

Order is directly online by SECURE SERVER. Keep in mind that when you use Secure Server Paypal or Paymate payments, we can email you the ebook with your tax invoice within 5 minutes so you can start extracting consultant gold tomorrow.

We’d love to hear your success story!


P.S. Remember, we guarantee that if you apply 1% of what you have learnt, it will more than pay for book; otherwise, you can return it anytime in the next 365 days for a prompt 100% refund.

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