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Desne Doman

Desne has extensive experience in IT Management working for large corporates, including the successful development of a leading e-business site in Australia in the financial services sector. She is an experienced Program Manager with specific expertise in speedily establishing new divisions, programs/projects, establishing management structures and focused teams in the corporate sector. Her industry experience is in financial services and emerging technologies.

Desne holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business Administration.

Donna Vaughan

Donna is an experienced ICT and management consultant with a background in consulting to large corporates and public sector organisations. Her key areas of expertise are business planning, business re-engineering, IT strategy, planning and management, online services (telco industry), and large scale program management. Her industry expertise is in telecommunications, financial services, high tech, and public sector (local government and tax administration).

Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, and Masters in International Development, and is a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants.