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Ebook - Corporate Mercenaries

"Manage your consultants or... they will manage you!"

by D Doman and D Vaughan

Management consultant

An “insider” step-by-step guide from a senior management consultant and a corporate executive to hiring, focusing and extracting sensational value from your consultants.

"Having worked as a management consultant and a finance industry executive, I found this e-book extracts the essence of best practice in consulting engagements. It's a concise, practical guide that any manager who deals with consultants should have on their bookshelf."

Carol Gilchrist, Investment Bank Executive

".... a good quick read. I think you have written a very useful "how to" book that most managers who interact with consultants should find a practical reference text. I will recommend it to others..."

Bruce Stump, Chief Operating Officer - Sparke Helmore Lawyers

We have written a concise guide for senior managers who engage consultants on how to select, brief, and manage consulting projects to get value for money and avoid many of the pitfalls and misunderstandings that often arise.

In a clear and easy to understand format, you will...

Know when to use a large, boutique or independent firm because you know how they work and the quickest way to find the best
Avoid the 7 deadly consultant usage mistakes that organisation's make all the time
Have at your fingertips the critical elements of a Request for Proposal or brief
Learn a consultant technique to pinpoint your problem and tightly scope your project so you avoid paying more.
Make sure that you cover the 3 most important things before sending out your Request for Proposal or brief.
Know the 10 questions you must ask your consultants before they start work on your project including the most neglected but most important question of all
Use 2 simple techniques to get what you agreed to pay for... and then some
Ensure the building or your business capital by making sure knowledge is transferred to your staff
...and much more

 The book is available in a compact hard copy or e-book format. If you are interested in this book contact us and we will advise the best delivery method for you.

Managing Your Advisors - Workshop

This six hour workshop takes the nuts and bolts from our ebook (see here) and using attendee issues and examples makes it come alive for your company. It's goal is to ensure you and your team can easily, effectively, efficiently and affordably find and manage high performance management consultants.

By using our joint experience from both sides (consulting and corporate management), attendees are able to get a balanced view as well as getting into the mind of the consultant and learning how to get the most out of them. Key challenges addressed are:

l Finding the right consultants and using them in the right place at the right time to add precise business value
l Get who and what you want... at the price you want
l Contracts - getting the balance right
l Learn simple consulting skills so you can cut to the chase of the problem and accelerate the solution.
l Making sure they deliver - substance to ask for at the start, during and at the end of the project
l Making sure you deliver - aligning the internal organisation for success
l Maintaining focus and reigning in scope creep
l Building business capital through knowledge transfer
l Keeping momentum after they leave
l Knowing what to do if something goes wrong

The course can also be tailored around specific advisors, for example a recent course at one of Australia's major banks included managing the advertising retainer relationship.

This course is facilitated by Donna Vaughan and Desne Doman, both Principals of Doman Vaughan Consulting.

The ideal group size is 12-15 attendees. The workshop is conducted at your premises for a fee of $4,495 (incl. GST). You provide refreshments in line with your policy. Each participant gets a copy of our book and course presentation slides.

Call Desne on 0423 027 918 or Donna on 0407 506 291 or email us to book this course for your company now.


Ethical Decision Making - Workshop

In projects and in the day-to-day running of the business, the ability of managers at all levels to make well informed, well thought through, and timely decisions is a critical success factor for maintaining momentum and focus. Decisions taken in haste, without consideration of all stakeholder interests, or after lengthy delays can cause disruption to the work and disaffection of staff.

There are two important capabilities which organisations develop to ensure that they make the right decisions at the right time. The first is a system of governance which ensures all stakeholder interests are factored into decisions - transparently. The second is a structured approach to decision making which is based on principles of ethics and which over time becomes second nature.

This five hour workshop is designed for managers at any level. The goal is to equip them with an understanding of ethical decision making to assist them in building values based teams.

The workshop provides an outline of the ethical decision making process and then applies this process, through exercises, breakout sessions, and class discussion, to live examples provided by the attendees. These may be past, present or future decisions that they face.

The facilitators are:

l Dr. Michael Walsh, Doctor of Theology, lectured in bio ethics at UTS, and Consultant to Edmund Rice Business Ethics Initiative.
l Donna Vaughan or Desne Doman, both Principals of Doman Vaughan Consulting

The ideal group size is 12-15 attendees. The workshop is conducted at your premises for a fee of $1,375 (incl. GST). You provide refreshments in line with your policy.

Call Desne on 0423 027 918 or Donna on 0407 506 291 or email us to book this course for your company now.







"Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you're a consultant"  

Scott Adams (1957 - )   


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