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Re-engineering the organisation

The seamless and efficient operation of your business depends on every part of the organisation and every individual having clear responsibilities which align to their accountabilities. When these become disconnected, processes break down, the customer is let down, and the business falls short of its goals.

Re-engineering is a term typically used with reference to processes. However, in our experience, it is generally a mix of process change and organisational re-design which solves many operational issues.

In re-engineering the organisation, we begin by mapping the current organisational roles and accountabilities to the target process(es) to identify inhibitors to superior performance. We then re- align the functional boundaries in the organisation so that people and teams are empowered, measured and incented to perform the roles for which they are accountable. Finally, we address process specific issues (gap between current and target) that constrain performance.

Example scenarios :

  • Re-designing the go-to-market business process, involving marketing, product, and sales functions, to improve an organisation's capability to get the right product to market at the right time and price.
  • Restructuring an entire organisation post-merger.

"‘This-is-how-it-is-usually-done’ does not make people progress."

Ewe Proverb Ghana, Benin and Togo   

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