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Finding The Right Management Consultant -
A Simple Checklist

You may never know until the end of the project, providing you did not have to part company midway, whether you have engaged the right management consultant. This can be quickly assessed by the simple question - "If I had another project of similar characteristics - would I hire this consultant or these management consultants again?" Hindsight may be too late but you can stack the odds for project success and best consultant match in your favour by using qualified selection criteria.

Right Management Consultant Checklist

If you are interviewing several management consultants then weight these starter set of checklist items according to their importance to you and the project.

1. Professionalism – assess the quality of their proposal and presentation, as well as their personal presentation.

2. Skills and experience – assess the full team in terms of :

a. Industry depth - although not critical it can significantly reduce their learning curve.

b. Functional depth - will they provide an independent perspective based on experience, or rely on external research alone?

c. Research capabilities – are they experienced in a range of research techniques and are they aware of the appropriate sources?

d. Analytical skills – can they cite examples of detailed analytical work and provide references?

3. Compatibility with you and your staff – assess chemistry and ask yourself whether you believe that you will be able to communicate effectively and constructively.

4. Style, eg, directive, consultative, decisive, or thoughtful -do they have the right balance needed for this project?

5. Innovation, creativity and the ability to provide a tailored approach- assess this by questioning their approach and methodology on other projects.

6. Willingness and ability to provide one-on-one knowledge transfer – do they have a coaching style or directive style ?

7. Enthusiasm for your project – assess this by observing their interest, energy level and extent to which they are “engaged” by your problem.

8. Collaboration – will they work effectively in a team?

9. Availability – ensure that the whole team will be onboard as and when required.

10. Fees – is there a clear link between the price and the value to you, eg, progress payments, deliverable based payments, effort based, etc.?

To evaluate the above you will need to ask targeted questions to assess whether the consultant is the right management consultant for you.

This article suggests 10 selection criteria to find the right management consultant for you. It is a short extract from Chapter 6 - 10 questions you must ask your management consultants before they start work on your project from the ebook -"Corporate Mercenaries: Manage your consultants or.. they will manage you" by Desne Doman and Donna Vaughan.

For further information on the ideas outlined in this article please contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Donna Vaughan and Desne Doman are the authors of the e-book:-
"Corporate Mercenaries - Manage your consultants or... they will manage you"
=> http://www.domanvaughan.com.au/

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